Smoked salmon and blue cheese salad


It's already wednesday and we're preparing this full and rich salad. But this is not just any salad! And why not? Because we have prepared this salad with ingredients from our friends, such as lettuce from our friend Paco from the Alma de Tomate garden, blue cheese from our friends from the El Bucarito cheese factory, and it is seasoned with extra virgin olive oil from our friends Javier and his wife Ruth from Learning & Cooking, Tintilla sweet sherry wine vinegar from Rota from our friends from the El gato Winery and black salt from the Himalayas from our friend Arturo from the La Mákina herbalist's, all in Rota. And besides, we've prepared it with a lot of love. Rich and special. We'll tell you how to prepare it, you'll see how simple it is.


  • 1 lettuce, this time from the “Alma de Tomate” garden
  • Several wedges of blue cheese from Bucarito
  • Several slices of smoked salmon
  • 1 tomato
  • several gherkins
  • a handful of peeled walnuts
  • a handful of raisins
  • To dress it:
  • extra virgin olive oil Molino de Casilda from Learning & Cooking
  • “Tintilla de Rota” sweet sherry wine vinegar from El Gato winery in Rota
  • Himalayan black salt (from la Makina in Rota)


⦿ We start with the lettuce, cut it finely, wash it and drain it well. We put it in a salad bowl.

⦿ Then we prepare the rest of the ingredients, cut the salmon into slices, the blue cheese into wedges, the tomato into slices and the gherkins are cut in half.

⦿ We begin by assembling the salad, and on top of the lettuce we will put, as if by vertical bands, from left to right, the half slices of tomato, then the gherkins, a row of salmon slices, another row of blue cheese slices, another of salmon and to finish with, a row of nuts. Place the olives in a circle around the salad and pour the raisins over them.

⦿ And then we prepare the dressing. In a small jar with a lid, put the oil (proportion, 3 spoonfuls of oil, 1 spoonful of vinegar and a pinch of salt), close it and shake it well so that the three ingredients are mixed.

⦿ And we serve it at the table, looking so good. We do not dress it before we serve since we prefer that everyone dresses his or her portion. We hope you like it, we have loved it, also as main course. Happy Wednesday night, amigos.